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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Puppet beak

By playing freely with the shape of the Puppet Beak's eyes and mouth, you can create many different models.

Begin with a square of origami paper, white side up.

 Step 1: By bringing two adjacent corners together, make two pinches on two adjacent edges.

Step 2: Now pinch two quarter creases, one above the bottom left corner and the other to the right of the top left corner.

 Step 3: Fold dot to dot, making one quarter mark touch the other, but only make a short pinch...

 Step 4: ... like this. The pinch shouldn't be longer than the arrowed line. Open the paper.

 Step 5: Note the five pinches. Create and unfold the diagonal, as shown. Be careful not to crease the other diagonal by mistake!

 Step 6:  Fold dot to dot as shown, beginning the fold exactly at the end of the sloping pinch, inside the circle.

 Step 7: Fold dot to dot.

 Step 8: The paper has been divided into exactly thirds! Unfold the triangles.

 Step 9: Turn over. 

 Step 10: Make four short valley folds, folding dot to dot, as shown.

Step 11: Mountain fold the paper in half. The fold already exists.

 Step 12: Hold the paper as shown. Push the left-hand corner inside the body of the paper, using the existing mountain and valley folds. No new folds need to be made.

Step 13: Repeat step 12 on the right.

 Step 14: Fold up the bottom corner. Repeat behind.

 Step 15: Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge. Repeat behind.

 Step 16: Front and back, valley fold the loose triangles into the corner...

Step 17: ... like this.  Open the paper to the final 3-D shape.

Step 18: Draw eyes (and maybe nostrils, a tongue inside the mouth, and so on). Hold two of the triangles as shown and move your hands together and apart to make the model speak. 

Puppet Beak completed!!

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