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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Birthday Card

Today, let us learn how to make a special birthday card for friend. Some materials are needed, such as:
1.Black color paper
2.Grey color paper
3.Yellow color non-woven
4.White color non-woven
5.White color pencil

 1: Cut a circle on the black color paper by using a circle cutter.

 2: Draw the reflection line at the appropriate place by using white color pencil on the black color paper.

 3: Use a scissors cut the egg white and the egg yolks on the non-woven respectively.

 4: Paste the egg white and the egg yolks on the black color plate.

 5: Use the grey color paper to cut off a knife and a fork. Then paste its on the plate too.

 6: Lastly, you can write some birthday wishes on the birthday card for your friend.

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