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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pencil Propeller

Today we learn how to make a DIY toy.
This call Pencil Propeller. 
This is a more high-tech version of a great toy.

Begin with a square of origami paper, white side up.

1: Cut the paper in half.

2: The next steps magnify one end of the paper.

3: Fold and unfold four separate folds about 1/2 inch(1cm) from the edges of the paper....

4: ....like this. The next step magnify a corner.

5: Make a short diagonal like this...

6:...simply by squeezing a corner between your thumb and first finger. Repeat at each corner.

7: This is the result. The corners don't have to be very neat.

8: Repeat with the other corners.

9: Take a pencil that includes an eraser in the top end. Then take a thumb tack or something similar and push it through the center of the paper into the eraser.

10: Hold as shown, and then walk briskly forward. The paper will begin to spin around on the end of the pencil! You can up the scale and use a large 2 x 1-foot rectangle of newspaper pinned to the end of a wooden broom handle... but you'll need to run fast to make it spin!


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